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  • Ashley Ortal Pollarsky
    Mid Market Account Executive at DocuSign
    "...it's like a pocket MBA in selling, or a Masterclass. I don't know how to describe it exactly, I just know that I'm addicted to it, and my sales are now getting bigger, and easier. I had no idea it could be so simple."
  • Jeremy Hurwitz
    Account Director at JDS Australia
    "...I've taken his advice and my sales have literally skyrocketed. It's unbelievable. He nails the whole personal power dynamic thing like it's witchcraft. I've sold for 25 years including at the top level in Tech and I've seen nothing else that's had such a positive, tangible impact as this in such a short period of time."
  • Ashley Carron-Arthur
    Qualtrics -SAP
    You changed my prospecting forever and I've never looked back. I can't imagine how much you've improved my life just through the simple tricks you taught me about how to open up the call, how to set the tone. I have had basically 100% hit rate since then. Thanks man.
  • Aden Forrest
    CEO, Simple
    This is Magnum Opus and is a MUST for anybody who ever dreamt of mastering the art and science of Sales. It's bold, ambitious, raw, and incredible in the way he makes quite complex concepts, simple and easy for anybody to comprehend and put to work.

    I can not endorse it highly enough, and I have now mandated it as our Sales Vernacular across all Revenue rolls at Simple.
Introducing QuotaKrusher
Complete with Testing and Certification.
Julian was MVP for the APAC Enterprise Sales Team at Salesforce.
This is the digital culmination of his observations, successes, (and failures).
The Benchmark of Global Sales Excellence.
Experience the 30 year professional selling career of our Founder, Julian Brown.
With Jedi-like Insights and Learnings.
Take control of your deals and your sales forecast.

Awarded APAC
Video Based, e-Learning Course.
What do we cover?
Do you want to be exceptional at professional selling ...
Cold Call Senior Executives with Impact
Email Prospect Effectively To Senior Executives
Understand The Power Dynamic
Build Value Propositions That Resonate
Control Your Deal Strategies
Handle Objections Elegantly
Conduct Value-Driven, Bi-Lateral Negotiations
Master Presentation & Storytelling
Identify & Leverage Hidden Executive Power
Manage Commercial Contract Mark-Up's
Develop Smarter Mutual Close Plans
Master Tender Management Practices
Elegantly Close Bigger Deals
Lead Your Virtual Team From In Front
Create & Control Your Deals
Forecast Accurately
Get Trained by a Salesforce MVP
This is what his colleagues have to say about him.
  • Aden Forrest
    Former Sales Director at Salesforce
    Julian's passion, energy, customer empathy and personal business network has ensured that he has consistently been one of our top performing senior account executives for the last 5 years. This is to say nothing of the overall impact that Julian has on our Team, Company and associated Customer base. Julian's dedication in supporting a company's vision from both a fiscal and wider philanthropic perspective is beyond reproach. This inner passion has not only helped define our local team's culture, but it has also literally helped hundreds of less fortunate people over the last 5 years (through the time he has invested in his own family's and salesforce.com's foundation activities). Julian Brown would be an asset to any organisation and/or community.
  • Tom Longhurst
    Account Executive, Public Sector NSW Government at Salesforce
    I had been colleagues with Julian at salesforce.com for the better part of 4 years, both as a team-mate and as a manager of a team supporting Julian.

    Julian's energy and personality were recognizable the first day I met him, and will say that his presence alone made the office a more enjoyable place to be.

    His collaboration and mentorship to the various members of my team was always appreciated, and as a result, he yielded the best results from his inside reps.

    As a colleague on the same team, Julian didn't let his competitive drive get in the way of him being a great mentor and colleague to me directly. He wanted those around him to succeed and really was the definition of a team player.

    His sharp wit and intellect were on display at all times, and kept you on your toes, forcing you to raise your game in a positive way.

    Julian brings a skill set to the table that is rarely seen in enterprise sales and would be a great addition to any organisation.
  • Troy Westley
    Former Sales Director at Salesforce
    Julian is arguably one of the most high energy and hardest working reps in the business. He is a very successful account executive and has continually been a top contributor in the ANZ sales team. Julian is also an ideas man, and makes regular contributions to the team. He is also the type the individual that likes to help his colleagues whenever and wherever he can. Julian is also a dedicated philanthropist and has made a huge impact in the salesforce.com Foundation as a mentor to teenage children and multiple other charitable activities.
  • Matt Cameron
    Former Sales Director at Salesforce
    As an enterprise sales executive with Salesforce.com, Julian used his exceptional rapport building and relationship skills to build a solid core of valuable and loyal customers. Julian has an exceptional network, which he uses for the benefit of his customers, colleagues and personal objectives.

    His inherent empathy allows him to anticipate and deliver on client needs, which was a contributing factor to his Peak Performers Club achievement during my tenure.
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